Lunch & Learn E-Cafe Event

by Claire Gamble on 21st March 2023

Dungannon Enterprise Centre hosted the first ever ECAFE event in Dungannon last December. It was a fantastic event going through the amazing resources the project partners have been creating over the last 2 years, to help support and grow entrepreneurial mindset, skills and attributes. We also had a special guest from Carma Coffee a new and upcoming business here in the Mid Ulster region, we heard from Aaron one of the owners about the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey from working in engineering to creating a one touch coffee machine. Carma Coffee - Kinder Coffee. That's Carma.

The ECAFE experience is a fantastic opportunity for networking and learning, listening to other likeminded individuals.

Check out the website where you can avail of the ECAFE resources on how to set up and host your own event.


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