Strengthening Dungannon's Business Community Together

by Claire Gamble on 20th June 2023

Dungannon Considers Chamber of Trade and Industry to Boost Business Community.

Dungannon's business community is exploring the idea of establishing a Chamber of Trade and Industry to enhance economic growth and collaboration among local businesses. A public meeting will be held on Tuesday, 27th June at 7:00 pm in Dungannon Rugby Club to discuss the merits and potential benefits of this initiative.

Dungannon has experienced significant economic success in manufacturing, particularly in the food and engineering sectors. However, infrastructure challenges and job vacancies persist. To address these issues and capitalise on the town's potential, the business community aims to establish a Chamber of Trade and Industry.

The chamber's primary objective will be to facilitate networking, advocacy, economic development, and support for local businesses. It will provide a platform for businesses to connect and collaborate, fostering valuable relationships, idea exchange, and potential partnerships. Additionally, the chamber will advocate for pro-business policies, infrastructure development, and favourable economic conditions.

Establishing a Chamber of Trade and Industry will contribute to Dungannon's economic development by promoting the town as an attractive destination for investment, tourism, and business relocation. The chamber will offer resources and support, including business education programs, workshops, and guidance on registration and compliance.

Collaboration will be encouraged through partnerships, joint ventures, and shared initiatives, promoting resource sharing, cost savings, and innovative solutions to common challenges faced by businesses in Dungannon.

The public meeting on Tuesday, 27th June provides an opportunity for stakeholders to contribute to the discussion on establishing a Chamber of Trade and Industry. Guest speakers on the night include Glyn Roberts, Retail NI, Stephen Kelly, Manufacturing NI, Roisin McAliskey, Federation of Small Business and Colm Shannon – Past CEO of Newry Chamber of Commerce.

To reserve a seat due to limited capacity and safety reasons, interested individuals can contact Mandy at

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