Student Hackathon Challenge

by Claire Gamble on 16th March 2023

Hack It 2023 was launched  with a resounding success this week. This Student Hackathon Challenge is the first of its kind in the region and brought together 50 bright young minds from diverse backgrounds and schools across Mid Ulster, including Sperrin Integrated College,  Drumglass High School, St Joseph’s Donaghmore, St Patrick’s College, Dungannon and Cookstown High School.

The young people participating worked at a record pace to generate lots of amazing ideas on how to tackle environmental and waste problems on the Blackwater River. On the day, the judges selected the Year 9 team from St Joseph’s, Donaghmore as the 2023 Hackathon winners.

The project is a great example of cultural and social innovation in practice and supports young people to develop their resilience, communication skills and teamwork to support their path to employability.

To find out more about the Hackathon process and how it can be adapted to help solve problems and come up with unique solutions follow us on social media and check out the below website for the resources already created, and for the Hackathon guide coming soon:

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