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by Brian MacAuley on 30th September 2020

Now that thousands of professionals in Northern Ireland have proven they’re able to do their jobs remotely, many experts agree it will become more common for people to split their time between working from home and going into an office.

But what will that office look like once they get there? In a post-pandemic economy, it’s possible only the biggest companies will have the budget to maintain headquarters, while businesses without the financial resources may scrap the idea of having an actual physical location altogether. Others may decentralize their physical presence in favour of opening regional hubs wherever their workers are located, whether that’s in our large towns, cities or spread out across the country entirely.

While the future remote workforce is expected to grow, many will still want a place to connect with others in person. Co-working and community spaces are uniquely positioned to fill the void. Prior to the pandemic, co-working spaces were the fastest-growing type of office space in commercial real estate. While they currently comprise of less than 5% of the market, they’re expected to make up  30% by 2030!

In order for Co-Working Companies to continue their expansion in a post Covid world, they’ll have to be designed to address workers’ concerns over spacing and hygiene safety. Desks & seating will be further apart & users will expect a certain level of cleaning procedures at regular intervals, as well as frequent use of sanitizing products & limited numbers of people. Environments that are attuned to keeping members healthy and safe will prove more popular than those unlikely to keep on top of good hygiene practice.  With these precautions in place, I think that workers will be more likely to leave their home offices for a work environment that offers more than just desk space.

People will always need a place to connect, to work alongside like-minded professionals in a safe environment allowing them to work efficiently & undisturbed away from the kitchen table or the home office. Many people require a sense of routine & that feeling of “going out to work” which is difficult to establish when working within your own home. During lockdown many people realised just how isolated they felt without that staff or team feeling that they were accustomed to in their usual office environment. That feeling of isolation has encouraged many to seek out alternative options for remote working.

At Dungannon Enterprise Centre we are very aware of the changing environment that many workers face and the demand locally, for a Co-Working space where people can be productive in a shared environment. We have just finished work on our new Co-work Space - The Bureau and we are looking forward to welcoming our new clients in the days & weeks ahead.

For further information on The Bureau please contact Toni at Dungannon Enterprise Centre on 028 8772 3489 or via email at

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