A Qualified Business

by Brian MacAuley on 9th October 2019
Do I need qualifications to start a business? We get asked this question all the time and the simplest answer is no! Obviously, there are certain roles that you can’t do without appropriate qualifications – I’m not sure I’d want you filling my teeth if you haven’t qualified as a dentist but there are no specific business qualifications that are a must! There are skills and qualities that are much more important than qualifications when it comes to starting and growing a business.

I’ve worked with hundreds of successful businesses across Mid Ulster over the years and the one thing I believe they all have in common is ‘grit’! It takes courage to have an idea and do something about it. These entrepreneurs have taken risks, they’ve made mistakes, they’ve worked through challenges, they’ve taken on the responsibility of providing livelihoods for local people, they’ve endured sleepless nights and they not only continue to survive, but they thrive. Many have came through the Troubles and recessions. So, resilience and an ability to problem solve are more important than qualifications when it comes to running a business.
Successful entrepreneurs are willing to learn. When you’re employed by someone else, you do the job you’re paid for and go home without having to worry about other aspects of the business, but lets just say you’ve quit your job in a restaurant to open your café in medium town in Mid Ulster… not only do you have to prepare and serve food but you’ll have to do the books, market the business, deal with suppliers, pay taxes, apply for regulatory licenses, sort insurances, and manage staff. All of that on top of ever advancing new technologies means an aptitude for learning on the job is key to a successful business.

Business owners often tell me that outsourcing and not being precious about having to do everything in the business has led to their success. If you’re running a small engineering business and you’re turning away orders because you’re spending your time on book-keeping, marketing or other non-money-making activities, then it really is time to get outside help. Whether it’s a freelancer or an employee, getting someone in gives you more time to focus on making money. Even better is that Mid Ulster is full of entrepreneurial freelancers passionate abut helping small businesses.

The most successful entrepreneurs are those who have a creative spark, and by that, I mean those who are willing to try new things, to move outside their comfort zone, to explore new markets as well as those who are visually creative. People’s needs and wants are constantly evolving and no amount of qualifications will help you keep up but being creative and adaptable will certainly help.
These are just a few of the traits that I think are more important than qualifications, but they barely scratch the surface.
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Brian has been at the helm of Dungannon Enterprise Centre for 30 years, keeping the wheels turning smoothly on a day to day basis.

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