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Launchpad Programme

Are you ready to launch your business?

Launchpad Programme

Have you always wanted to start your own business but not sure where to start? Our Launchpad programme is for you.

We will fuel you with the training and knowledge you require to get your business off the ground.

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a brand-new business start-up programme. Forget text book business plans – Launchpad gives you real life, practical help and all the ammunition you need to for your business to take off in the real world!

How Launchpad will help?

Launchpad centres around one to one support, group training sessions and a business support network that will ensure you get the right kind of business advice.

Its innovative business planning tools will ensure you are confident in knowing:

  • Who your product or service will be aimed at
  • What benefits it gives to your customers
  • What makes it unique from other products/services out there
  • How you will reach your customers
  • What price you will charge
  • What resources you will need to get started
  • The sales, marketing and finance skills that you need to promote your venture
  • How to pitch the story of your business

How Launchpad is different?

On this programme you will get straight talking, no jargon, practical advice delivered by highly experienced trainers who have all been self-employed at one time in their career so they understand exactly what you need when starting your business.

LaunchPad is your way of ensuring that all the money and time you invest in your new business makes you a profit. Launchpad is all about results and making sure your ready to launch.

How do I know if Launchpad is for me?

If you’re seriously considering setting up your own business – Launchpad is for you. Maybe your idea is only a spark at the moment… Come on our launchpad programme and let us help you!

This programme is fully funded by Dungannon Enterprise Centre and is FREE to potential entrepreneurs living and/or setting up their business in the Dungannon and South Tyrone area.

For Further Information Contact 
Lucy McCreesh
E: lucy@dungannonenterprise.com
T: (028) 8772 3489

Ready for Action?

Are you ready to find out more about working for yourself or building your existing business? We can help.
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