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T8 (First Floor) - Oaks IT Suite, Dungannon Enterprise Centre


Unit T.8 totals at 960sq.ft or (89sq.meters.) This is one of the largest units in the IT complex, leaving it suitable for IT business with a lot of staff or resources.

Unit T.8 is situated on the first floor of the IT complex, adjacent to unit T.10. It is entered using the swing doors at the side of the IT building, opposite the side of the administration building.

Unit T.8 is through the swing doors, up the stairs, which are in the lobby area, and it is the unit on the left.

Tenants in T.8 share a lobby and two toilets, one of which is a disabled toilet, with the tenants of T.7, T.9, and T.10. At the top of the stairs there is a large window, which gives a bright airy feeling to the area. The lighting in this area is controlled by an electronic system, whereby the lights automatically work with the presence of a person in the unit or surrounding area.

There are various other notable features, which make this unit suitable for IT based businesses:

Electrical Dada Trunking mounted on the wall. This enables the tenants to install electrical equipment almost anywhere, at very little inconvenience to them.

The lighting within unit T.8 is specifically suitable for IT based work. The purpose of it is to prevent the glare, which is sometimes found on computer screens when lighting like this is not installed. Unit T.8’s lights are florescent in nature. They are found hanging from the ceiling, and are a low energy source, thus cutting costs for the tenant.

Unit T.8 has got four windows two of the windows are of a good size (6m sq.). One looks out onto the side of the complex, facing the administration building, and the other window is opposite it. The two small windows look out onto the communal area around the stairs. The glass in the windows are charcoal tinted, this aids privacy and reduces the glare from direct sunlight.

Electrical conduit has been mounted throughout the unit leaving it easy for the unit holder to install phone and IT lines if they so wish. The unit has also been pre-wired by B.T.

Unit T.8 incorporates a fire alarm and a smoke detector.

It is the tenants’ responsibility to heat their own unit. Economy seven is in place making it easy for the tenant to install low energy economy 7 storage heaters.



Size: 960 sq. ft.
Price: £663.60per month (ex. VAT)

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