What makes a good Manager?

by Brian MacAuley on 6th August 2020

We’ve all seen quotes about what makes a good or bad manager, especially on social media platforms where people often use memes to give compliments or even insults! But have you ever really looked at what makes a “great manager” and compared this to your own manager or your management style?

There is no typical kind of Manager – each one has their own personal style, strengths and weaknesses. However, it’s important to realise that an engaging manager is a vital link between a Company and its employees. A manager who motivates, challenges and supports their team members can encourage & inspire them to give their best - improving business productivity and performance.

Engagement can begin before the individual even starts their first day in the business. It’s very important for a Manager to connect with new staff as the faster a new recruit settles in & feels a part of the team, the faster they will start to contribute to the business in a positive way.

There are various ways in which engaging managers have demonstrated their abilities to successfully manage their team;

  • Being a proactive manager could include making sure all the preparation has been done for the new member starting (work equipment ready, email set-up, uniform available etc) providing a tour of the premises, making introductions to the staff, performing an induction and being available should the new recruit have any issues or questions.
  • Building effective relationships with your employees. If a manager knows and understands an employee as an individual, they will be able to better motivate them to perform well and meet organisational goals. This could be done through social events, informal discussions, keeping in touch with staff who may not necessarily work in the same office or building or by maintaining an interest in your staff & their own interests outside of work.
  • Maintain Communication – this can be done via regular staff meetings, sharing ideas, regular feedback to & from the team, staff appraisals & team Q & A sessions.
  • Support & motivate employees. The way managers shape the roles of employees and oversee their work has a huge effect on individual well-being, commitment and performance.
  • Coach and develop employees. Managers need to help employees identify solutions to issues they encounter so they keep developing their skills and confidence and have clear development paths.
  • Handle and respond to staff feedback. Seeking and responding to feedback from employees is vital to building a strong relationship with them. The way managers handle feedback has a major influence on employee engagement, trust and confidence.
  • Recognise and reward employee performance. To help motivate employees you need to show genuine appreciation for good work and recognise the improvements they make. Never underestimate the power of acknowledgement!
  • Improve your performance as a manager. Engaging managers keep improving their own performance by seeking views and feedback from the people they work with.
  • Performance management and staff training templates. Improving the skills of your staff can deliver real business benefits. It can increase productivity, motivation & quality of work, and boost overall business profits and customer satisfaction.

We have a number of free performance management and staff training templates that employers and HR professionals can use for their business. Should you wish to avail of these you can contact us on 028 8772 3489 or email info@dungannonenterprise.com

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