The Space Takes Flight!

by Claire Gamble on 1st April 2023

We are pleased to announce that The Space @ Market Square has been approved as the first drone landing pad zone in County Tyrone.

The Space , next to Ranfurley House in the Market Square Dungannon, is a new event space made from refurbished steel containers and its roof is ideal for drones to land and takeoff.

The Canadian technology firm operating the drones – Lirpa One – said “landing and taking off on steel containers is ideal plus the fact that the space is located in an area of high population perfect to meet the demand.

CEO of Dungannon Enterprise Centre, who manages The Space said “this is the future for retailing and logistics. Residents will be able to order from their sofas and have their goods delivered directly to their back garden in a matter of minutes. Whether it is groceries, fast-food orders or even a valentines gift to a loved one, the 23 drones will operate 24 hours a day from the roof of The Space”.

Concerns have been raised about the potential of the drones interfering with the telecom mast on the Hill of O’Neill however it is planned to divert all drone traffic away from the historical site.

Publicans in the town are cynical that the new initiative will take off. Only alcohol can be transported during the licensing hours and in plastic bottles for safety reasons.

One resident who which not be named expressed concerns about the endless buzzing from the drones. Spokesperson for Lirpa One said “Concerned residents have been offered free delivery if they leave their windows open”

We are so excited for this project to lift off! #DroneinDungannon


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